Top 5 Ways You Can Protect Your Home When On A Vacation

You just had the most amazing vacation by the beach. The food was great, the weather was on point and everything else was perfect. But as you drive back into the garage, you find the door open. As you enter you see the whole house in a mess. The burglars took away all your jewelry, electronics and cash. You never leave home expecting something bad would happen in your absence but it always best to be prepared for the worst.

Here are some tips you can use to keep your home safe and secure when on a vacation.


  • Fakes someone’s presence: This means you should do something to show activity both inside and outside the house. Setting a timer on electronic appliances such as lights and air conditioners can do this. You can even use motion sensors, the lights turn on or the alarm rings when someone tries to come close to the doors or windows. You can control the lights using a mobile application because you would not like to waste electricity by keeping it turned on 24/7.


  •  Locksmith Services: Securing your doors with the best locks will provide the maximum security. For good protection, contact professional locksmith services like Mid-Atlantic Locksmith. They provide excellent residential locksmith services that no burglar can ever break into such as master systems, high-security locks, home safe installation, auto locksmith services and much more.



  • Stop Newspaper Delivery: A pile of newspapers lying on the entrance will indicate that no one is home. Inform the newspaper guy to stop the service for some time.


  • Tell someone to watch over:you can either hire a trustworthy home sitter or tell a family member or friend to pay regular visits and keep an eye. If you are hiring a home sitter then provide him or her with your contact number and also take his or her details along with you. This way your home will stay safe and also clean during your absence.


  • Beware of Social Media: We all are so indulged into posting about our vacation check-ins and photographs that we forget that it might put our security at By posting everything instantly you will be broadcasting to the world that you are not home. Instead, you can share all the photographs and stories when you reach back home. Also keep your accounts private, so that only your close friends can see your location.


  • Don’t leave spare keys: If you have any spare keys lying under the mat, hidden behind the mailbox or anywhere else, make sure to take it along or hand it over to a trustworthy neighbor.



  • For the best protection of your home, contact Mid Atlantic Locksmith. They provide reliable and secure locks installation for residential and commercial purposes. Contact them now for auto locksmith services, security systems and much more.





Author: MidAtlantic Locksmith

Mid-Atlantic Locksmith is a trustworthy locksmith company that offers a diverse range of services. We provide services such as broken key, lock installation, lock repair, emergency unlock and various other unlock services. We are committed to delivering nothing but the safest and finest quality services to our clients.

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